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Graduate Econometrics 

Undergraduate Econometrics I and II 

Applied Economics  

Introduction to Economics I and II - Fall 2018, Spring 2019, Spring 2020

Student Feedback

You can read all my student evaluations here (mostly in Turkish).

Below is a selection of some flattering feedback I've received from my students.

What was your favorite part/component in this course?

"The professor’s mastery of the topics and her enthusiasm for teaching."

"The professor’s elaborate and lucid explanation and her ability to address all levels professionally during class."

"I used to be intimidated by Econometrics. Frankly, I did not think it was a class that I could enjoy. But at the end of the semester, my feelings completely changed. Despite the unfavorable conditions of online teaching, I enjoyed the class very much and it contributed a lot to me."


"I can easily say that this was the best class in Economics I have ever taken."


"Teaching was not based on rote learning but instead based on intuition and I think we will benefit a lot from this in the coming years. We also learned to program in R, and I think this is a very useful skill in our discipline and for our future careers."


"The professor was always accessible and tried her best to help us. She had a very positive attitude and answered each question patiently without criticizing. She invested time in re-explaining the topics which were challenging to us."



If a friend asks you whether or not to take this course, what advice would you give him/her? 


"I would definitely recommend it. Even students from other departments can add a lot to themselves with this course. This course has made many important contributions to me, such as being able to conduct scientific research, understand and interpret data, and comprehend the results of analysis."

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